Talking to Children and Young People about drugs and alcohol

As a parent or carer it is often hard to know how to talk to children and young people about issues such as drug and alcohol use.

Regardless of whether you think a child or young person has tried or is using drugs or alcohol, it's really important to ensure you have an open dialogue with them on these issues.

We work with young people at risk from a range of vulnerabilities. At EYPDAS we want the same as professionals working with children and young people and families - to provide the best services for the local community and to support children and young people affected by substance misuse. We engage young people through a range of positive activities to increase their confidence and develop skills.

Are you concerned about a child or young person's drug use?

You can contact us in a number of ways;

  • Phone us on 08444 991 323 or 01245 493311
  • You can send us a free text with the word EYPDAS to 80800, and we'll call you back within 72 hours.
  • Or you can make a referral by completing and sending in a referral form