Participation in Essex - What have we been involved in?

We have a monthly Participation group attended by up to 6 young people on a regular basis as well as one volunteer who has been supporting the group for almost a year now.

New TCS strategy consultation interviews * attended by 2 young people in January 2017.

Over the Rainbow event attended by 3 young people in March 2017, one young person received an award for her engagement with the National Participation group.

Recruitment and Selection process workshop attended by 9 young people in June 2017.

Outdoor activity day attended by 6 young people in June 2017 with the purpose of:

  • recruiting more young people into the Participation group
  • developing team building and problem solving skills
  • bonding as a group, getting to know to each other better, having fun

Visit to Parliament - taking part in an enquiry around “Cyberbullying and the Impact on Mental Health” * attended by 5 young people in September 2017.

Young people’s interview panel for the post of Children and Young People’s Director at ERH attended by 2 young people from Essex in October 2017.

National Participation group residential in October 2017.

3 young people from Essex are part of the National Participation group (2 young people joined this year).

Developing resources for the Big Up the Bill Campaign.

Discussions around how to implement BUTB locally in Essex.

Supporter Engagement Event in Chelmsford attended by 2 young people in October 2017 – young people gave presentation about the achievements of the Participation group over the last year and the benefits of being involved.

Produced film “The Participation Group – Our work so far” currently for internal use only to promote the Participation project and encourage other young people to join

Designing and distributing marketing materials to advertise TCS East services (ongoing project) to generate more self-referrals from young people

  • Attended marketing and branding workshop delivered by Carly Clementson, marketing manager in January 2017, ongoing work with Carly until July 2017
  • One poster and four postcard designs completed and printed
  • Joined up work with volunteers team in Essex to go to schools and present during school assemblies
  • Researching school, meeting with volunteers, preparing presentations

Big Up the Bill Campaign * – meeting with the Essex Police Crime Commissioner’s office I December 2017 to discuss how young people can work with the police in order to promote and involve more people in the BUTB campaign (ongoing project)

(* activities in which young people are influencing and actively promoting systems change)


If you are interested in the Participation project in Essex speak to your project worker or get in touch with our Participation worker Grit Kalkowski on 07718 561 106 or