More about the Participation Group

Who's in our participation group at the moment?

  • 7 females aged between 14 and 22
  • 2 males aged between 19 and 22
  • All young people have accessed TCS East services ranging from CARE, Safe in Essex, Dare to Care, CHHAT and Choices

Our vision - Plans for the Participation project

  • Seek to measure and evaluate the impact of Participation work on those who have experienced multiple disadvantage as identified by TCS.
  • Give young people an even stronger voice and more acknowledgement for their work within TCS East and across the organisation on a more sustainable level.
  • Promote and strengthen the power of Participation and how it supports/empowers young people to heal from multiple disadvantages they experience.
  • Engagement of more boys and young men – how can they have better access to Participation activities?
  • Expand Participation group size and opportunities for all young people across TCS.
  • More joined up work with other departments within TCS i.e. campaigns and policy team – seeking ideas from young people which campaigns/policies TCS should focus on rather than developing new ideas and then asking young people for their input and feedback.
  • Website development - By Young People for Young People section on TCS East/TCS website, young people’s involvement in blogs and on social media platforms.
  • Offer more workshops/training for young people so they can gain more skills whilst working on different Participation activities.


Young People’s voices

What encouraged you to get involved in the Participation project?

I wanted to join the Participation group as I still wanted to be involved with The Children’s Society after my work with my project worker had finished. I heard about the projects that they had done in Participation and thought it would be helpful with learning new skills but also supporting and helping other people.

What difference has being part of the group made to you?

It’s made me feel part of a team and made me realise that I’m not on my own with the things I’ve been through. It’s showed me I can challenge the negative things that have happened to me and turn them into something positive by helping others and creating awareness. I’ve become more confident as a person and it’s given me a drive to help create positive changes in the world, and knowing I can be part of that is just amazing

What is the best thing about being part of the Participation project?

The best thing about being part of the Participation group is that we be to be involved in amazing projects that will help so many people. We also have many enthusiastic workers that help us run the projects smoothly.

From a young person’s perspective, why is it important for an organisation like The Children’s Society to run Participation projects? Why should the project continue?

I think it’s important for The Children’s Society to run Participation projects because loads of young people benefit from them and learn so many new things. It also helps to become aware of The Children’s Society so more people can get support.

What message would you send to a young person who is interested in joining the Participation project?

Without a shadow of a doubt, I’d say they should definitely give it a shot. You can gain so much from it and be involved in some truly amazing things and have opportunities you would only have once in a lifetime. It can help you to gain confidence, bond with new people, give you a sense of power as your voice is heard, and so much more.


If you are interested in the Participation project in Essex speak to your project worker or get in touch with our Participation worker Grit Kalkowski on 07718 561 106 or